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On a recent holiday in Mauritius my boyfriend and I decided to treat ourselves to a day in the hotel's spa. Holy-mother-of-spas it was one of the best decisions we made on our entire holiday. Nestled in the gorgeous Mauritian rainforest, The Seven Colours Spa was definitely one of the most beautiful I've visited...
Seven Colours Spa//AlmostChic
The spa is designed to fit perfectly into its surroundings. Most of the areas are outdoors, including the thermal jet pool, so you can get your spa fix without missing a minute of the glorious weather . Bubbling away in a jacuzzi is so much more satisfying when you can gaze up at a clear blue sky and tropical rainforest, way better than staring at a ceiling. You really get that feeling of being at one with nature people are always harping on about! Everything about this place is just so gosh-darn ZEN!
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There is a real sense of attention to detail and excellence everywhere at this spa. For example whilst you are booking your treatments you get to choose your own aromatherapy scent for the treatment room. They have a table with tester bottles of all the scents on offer with a card describing how each different one is supposed to affect your mood and wellbeing. This was such a lovely touch and one which I have never come across before. From the minute you are greeted by the wonderful staff, who are all willing to go over and above to make your experience as perfect as possible, until the minute you leave you don't have to worry about a thing and barely need lift a finger.
Seven Colours Spa//AlmostChic
My boyfriend and I opted for a Couples Suite Experience, one of the spa's signature treatments. After chilling in the thermal pool area we were ushered into our private outdoor suite which was insanely beautiful. After much ooh-ing and aah-ing over the perfect wooden cabana which housed the massage beds; our treatment began.
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First up was an IN-CRED-I-BLE 70 minute, head to toe massage. Not only was the massage itself amazing (seriously where did these masseuses train - heaven?) but the natural soundtrack of a gentle breeze blowing through the jungle above our heads and water bubbling from fountains into the stream surrounding us made this one of the most soothing experiences of my life. I know I may sound like an over-romantisized spa brochure here but theres honestly no other way to describe it.

Much to my disappointment the 70 minutes of bliss came to an end and when I was forced to open my eyes I was delighted to see that while I'd been floating on cloud nine the sun had completely set. The cloudless, sunny sky had been replaced by canopy of stars and someone had silently sneaked around the suite lighting candles making it even more beautiful than it had been in the day light. This was not all the mysterious candle-fairy had done. In front of me the gigantic stone bath was now over flowing with bubbles and flower petals. For a bath lover like myself this was like a freakin' glorious dream.
Seven Colours Spa Massage//AlmostChic
Our masseuses said their goodbyes and we were left in peace to enjoy the final phase of our experience. I peeled my jelli-fied body away from the massage bed and sank into the hot, floral bubble bath. The next 50 minutes were spent soaking in the sumptuous bath water, nibbling on the fresh fruit platter and guzzling down delicious fruit mocktails (more presents from the silent candle lighter) all while gazing up at the stars. Dreamy. I don't think I've ever been so relaxed.

We were left feeling unbelievably refreshed and relaxed from head to toe, inside and out. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who has a holiday planned at this hotel. It would be especially perfect for honeymooners.
Seven Colours Spa Flowers//AlmostChic
The treatment list at the Seven Colours has everything you would expect and more. There are tailored treatments for men, mothers-to-be and even for children so that the whole family can enjoy a day at the spa. Also available were post-flight, jet lag relieving treatments as well as a special "fit for golf" menu.

It was lovely to see that the company had really considered exactly who their clientele were and what they might require when planning the treatment range. Even special wellness activities, such as nature trails and private Thai Chi classes, were on offer. Check out their website for more info.

Seven Colours Spa//AlmostChic
As you can probably imagine our whole holiday in Mauritius was incredible but our spa day was, for me, one of the absolute highlights. It was perfect from start to finish, I loved every minute. Hope you enjoyed hearing about it.

Reminiscing has given me major spa blues and since I definitely won't be back in Mauritius any time soon I'd love to hear your recommendations of where I could get my spa fix here in the UK? It would also be great to know your favourite ways to relax and pamper yourself at home since my bank balance doesn't always agree with me when I suggest a spa trip!?



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