A Day in Paradise - Honolulu Travel Diary

Aloha, lovely readers. If you're following me on Insta you might have realised that I'm currently on the holiday of a lifetime. Hawaii is definitely the closest I've been to paradise. I thought I'd take you all along with me on this insane holiday by sharing what I got up to on my very first day here in the ] bustling and beautiful city of Honolulu. Spoiler alert it involved a lot of eating and drinking because that's what holidays are all about right?!
A Day in Paradise Honolulu Travel Diary 2// AlmostChic
First stop at 7am (jet lag's a b***h) was Waikiki beach for a breakfast picnic. W-O-W. What a beach. After the most surreal picnic ever we dandered far along the beach to try get our bearings in this huge city.
A Day in Paradise Honolulu Travel Diary 3// AlmostChic
After our morning exploring we headed back to our super chic boutique hotel, The Modern Honolulu, for a spot of healthy lunch before the surf lessons we had booked for the afternoon.
A Day in Paradise Honolulu Travel Diary 4// AlmostChic
I'm not one to order a salad very often but if all salads were as delicious as this kale and super grain one I'd almost be tempted to ditch my burger and pizza habits.
A Day in Paradise Honolulu Travel Diary 5// AlmostChic
Two hours of lolling about in the sea, getting burnt to an absolute crisp, skinning my knees and discovering I'm pretty darn terrible at surfing (but still having a blast none the less) later I was in need of some good food and strong drinks. On our morning walk we'd noticed that a lot of the bars and restaurants near our hotel were pretty touristy - meaning they were extortionately priced, packed to the rafters and generally not that nice looking. Normally we like to try find somewhere a bit more off the beaten track on holiday but in such a massive city, short of googling "super duper trendy and tasty but not touristy or expensive bars and restaurants in Honolulu", we had no idea where to start.
This is where Badoo app came in really handy. Contrary to what you might think its not just for dating. You can chat to people close by (male or female) who are just looking for a bit of craic or to make friends. It's so easy. So I took to Badoo to ask some locals where to find the best food and drinks. After speaking to a few different Hawaiians it became pretty clear that "Downtown Honolulu" was the place to be. So off we went in our Uber with our list of locally recommended eateries to find some decent grub. Thank you Badoo!
A Day in Paradise Honolulu Travel Diary 6// AlmostChic
First up was the popular Square Barrels, a modern bar/restaurant specialising in burgers and craft beers. This was probably the best pulled pork burger I've ever had. Not even exaggerating. Americans just do burgers so much better and the famous "pig fat fries" were TO-DIE-FOR. I wish I was eating them all over again right now. All washed down with a pint of blonde ale from a small Hawaiin brewery. Just the kind of dinner we needed after our exhausting day in the sun.
A Day in Paradise Honolulu Travel Diary 7// AlmostChic
The bill was so so reasonable priced for such good food, drinks and service. Extra bonus was the stylish minimal decor. I definitely felt more at home here than in the overpriced sports bars and chain restaurants on the Waikiki strip. 10 points for my new Badoo pals for this recommendation!
A Day in Paradise Honolulu Travel Diary 8// AlmostChic
Everyone I spoke to said there was heaps of decent happy hours downtown so after dinner we had a great time exploring different bars and getting tipsy on dirt cheap cocktails. My favourite bar was definitely Bar 35. They had amazing happy hour cocktails for just $3.75, absolute bargain. To top that off there was a great live band. The atmosphere was so chilled and it was great that it wasn't too busy because we were away from the hotel district. I was so glad that we took the advice of the locals and headed to this total gem of a bar! It was the perfect end to a perfect day in paradise.
A Day in Paradise Honolulu Travel Diary 9// AlmostChic
Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more of my travels in Hawaii! I had so much fun writing this post so if you guys want more I'll happily oblige. Also if you've been to here definitely leave your tips for things to see and do, I love hearing from you all!

*Many thanks to @BadooApp for collaborating with me on this post*

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