Brunch at The Wilson Street Pantry // Chic Eats

Brunch at The Wilson Street Pantry // Almost Chic
Happy Saturday everyone. Is it just me or is brunch at a quirky little cafe the perfect way to start a lazy Saturday or Sunday? Well it's exactly what my boyfriend and I did this morning and we found the ideal brunching spot in the Merchant City in Glasgow. The Wilson Street Pantry.

I'd love to take credit for this discovery but it was actually my friend Steph from that found this wee place via their Instagram (click here if you want to check it out) and it was such a good shout! Like many a new restaurant/cafe in Glasgow the Wilson Street Pantry have absolutely perfected their subtle hipster vibes. From the stylish, shabby chic, monochrome decor to the trendy AF menu featuring several variations of Eggs Benedict, Stornaway black pudding and of course Avocado on toast. Not just plain old white or wholemeal toast either. Sour dough toast. Brunch goals.
Brunch at The Wilson Street Pantry // Almost Chic
Yep they've seriously nailed all the current brunch trends and I'm absolutely in love with it. The relaxed staff have mastered the perfect customer service balance; they are friendly, helpful and mildly chatty as opposed the overbearing, all up in your grill, trying to be your best friend kind'a customer service that I detest. Is there anything worse than those American type eateries (TGIF I'm looking at you) when the servers are like that? Like "Yes i DO mind if you sit next to me while you take my order. Let's try remember that you're a stranger and we're in socially awkward Britain right now, not America, so kindly vacate my personal space. Thanks." Anyway I digress, the staff here thankfully err on the more European waitering style which is perfectly lovely!
Brunch at The Wilson Street Pantry // Almost Chic
Baristas serve up delicious "PaperCup" coffee (no idea what this is but since they mentioned it on their menu I thought it was something worth mentioning...?! Coffee snobs, enlighten me please?) and the chefs plate up the breakfast/light all day (until 5pm) every day, which is great news if you've had a heavy Saturday night because who in the world can make it up in time for a cooked breakfast with an 11am cut off on a Sunday?! Even better news for any fellow day drinkers is that this is a licensed cafe meaning you can scoop back a few proseccos while you pretend you're being healthy with your avocado toast and poached eggs.
Brunch at The Wilson Street Pantry // Almost Chic
I ordered scrambled egg on sour dough toast and my boyfriend had poached eggs on english muffins with hollandaise sauce both with a side of Stornaway black pudding (let's be honest anywhere that I see has Stornaway Black Pudding on the menu is immediately going to become one of my favourite places to eat). I cannot fault the food. Everything was perfectly cooked and served in a totally Instagram-able manner. I especially loved that you could see everything being cooked from scratch thanks to the open plan kitchen, who else likes it when a restaurant doesn't feel the need to hide the cooking process in a back room somewhere?! Are they picking their noses back there? Licking your food before they serve it to you?! You'll never know. Anyway, I hoovered up the amazing food at a ridiculous speed. You're lucky I even remembered to pause for a second to take these pictures.
Brunch at The Wilson Street Pantry // Almost Chic
All in all The Wilson Street Pantry served up a first class brunch! This was already the second time I've been and I'll no doubt be back on several occasions over the next couple of weeks. I would seriously recommend popping in next time you're around the Merchant City area (or even if you're not, make a special trip, it's that good) for a wee bit of breakfast, lunch or just a coffee and a cake! You won't regret it.
Brunch at The Wilson Street Pantry // Almost Chic
If you ever do head to The Wilson Street Pantry let them know I sent you! Don't forget to pop me a comment down below to tell me what you think after too. Does anyone have any other brunch (or just any food) recommendations for me to try in Glasgow? I'd love to do a couple more posts like this!

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