Bamboo Charcoal Angel Face Wash Cloth by The Konjac Sponge Company // Chic Reviews

Bamboo Charcoal Angel Face Wash Cloth by The Konjac Sponge Company Review // Almost Chic

I was recently contacted by the lovely team at The Konjac Sponge Company to see if I'd like to test and review their new product launch - The Bamboo Charcoal Angel Face Wash Cloth. I've been using it religiously for a week or so now and I am obsessed so I thought you might all like to hear my thoughts.

If you haven't heard of The Konjac Sponge Company before, like me, they're a Korean beauty company that shot into the beauty spot light with their innovative vegetable fibre sponge. Their sponges are hand made from Asian Konjac potatoes and blended with french clays, they have a variety of options for different skin types but one of their most popular is the Bamboo Charcoal one which contains natural anti-oxidants that are great for combating oily and spot prone skin but gentle enough for the most sensitive and driest of skins. Based on the success of the original sponge they've come up with a fun new release made from the same bamboo charcoal - The Angel Face Wash Cloth.
Bamboo Charcoal Angel Face Wash Cloth by The Konjac Sponge Company Review // Almost Chic
The basics
What is it?  Bamboo Charcoal Angel Face Wash Cloth by The Konjac Sponge Company
Where from?  Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Urban Outfitters; or
Who's it for?  Especially great for oily skin but gentle enough for dry/sensitive skin
When is it released?By the end of September 2016
How much?  £12.99

Quick thoughts
3 words?  Extraordinary, smoothing, gentle
Re-purchase?  Yes definitely, also very tempted try other Konjac Sponge co. products
Worth the ££?  Absolutely
What's it like to use?  Glides across the skin very smoothly picking up any dirt/makeup
Immediate results?  Skin feels deeply cleansed but not dry and noticeably softer
And after further use?  Definite reduction in blackheads and imperfections
It can't be perfect though?  The way the cloth is packaged resulted in an un-even thickness (slightly stretched at one side) but this doesn't really affect the results/usage
Other things I should know?  Can be used with or without other cleansing products; take note of the care instructions to keep your sponge in good condition; vegan and cruelty free
Bamboo Charcoal Angel Face Wash Cloth by The Konjac Sponge Company Review // Almost Chic
The sponge arrives looking like an adorable angel but has a consistency that can only be described as prawn-cracker-like! However, its once you submerge this baby in water that the real magic happens. The angelic prawn cracker expands and softens becoming a squishy, jellyified face cloth - like no cloth I've seen before. The greater surface area of the face cloth as opposed to the original sponge makes this the perfect tool for quick make up removal and cleansing.

Though it can be used without any products, personally, I like to use it with my favourite L'Occitane cleansing oil and face soap. These products normally leave my skin feeling great anyway but since starting to use them with the Bamboo Charcoal face cloth I feel like I've unlocked their true skin-beautifying potential. The texture of the sponge is meant to VERY gently exfoliate while you cleanse your face as normal so all the dead skin cells get sloughed off.

Its also fab for removing face masks that can sometimes to be tricky to shift (like clay based masks), it glides smoothly across the skin picking up all traces of the mask without any harsh scrubbing and because of the porous structure of the cloth it easily rinses clean unlike standard face cloths which get can all gunky and gross after taking off this type of mask and need to go through the washing machine.
Bamboo Charcoal Angel Face Wash Cloth by The Konjac Sponge Company Review // Almost Chic
After using my Angel Face wash cloth for just a week my skin already feels amazingly soft and fresh plus I've definitely noticed a reduction in any imperfections I had especially around my nose area where I'm very prone to clogged pores and blackheads. From what I've read online the sponge should last around 3 months, with proper care, before it starts to degrade (because its made from natural materials) and can be composted once your done with it so you can save the planet whilst having beautiful skin. Wins all round. I'm already a definite convert to the Konjac sponge life - muslin cloth who?!

The Bamboo Charcoal Angel Face Wash Cloth hasn't been officially launched yet but is due to be released for sale by the end of this month (Sept). In the meantime I recommend checking out the Konjac Sponge Company's other products here and following them on Instagram here for updates on the launch and so you can keep up with any other future product launches. This innovative beauty company is definitely one to watch!

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