Paris in January // What I Wore

Paris in January // What I Wore // AlmostChic

From the minute my boyfriend announced we were going on a trip to Paris this January I had grand visions of me swanning around Paris looking like I’d stepped straight off a page in Vogue. Think of the blog look book you’ll be able to do, I told myself. It’ll be as fabulous and chic as one of Lydia E Millen's outfit posts, I kidded myself. I packed accordingly with a suitcase full of heels and carefully selected outfits. But alas, when our plane touched down on Parisienne soil, reality hit.

Paris is flipping freezing. I knew this before I went of course - I’d sensibly checked the weather then dimly assumed that -1oC can’t feel that cold. I’m a tough Highlander … I’m used to the cold. My flimsy Spring outfits will be just fine. PAH. Within 5 minutes of stepping outside the airport I grew concerned that I might lose my nose to frostbite. It felt the like the air was going turn any exposed skin to ice on contact. Cue a mad scurry round the nearest Mango for all the sale knit wear I could get my hands on.

Reality check number two; when my boyfriend and I visit a new city we like to walk. A lot. Seriously, we walked 35 miles in 2 days. Another thing I conveniently forgot when I packed all my heeled boots. Our trip began with a 45 minute up-hill hoof, suitcases in tow, from the Guard De Nord station to our hotel in Montmartre. At this point I still deludedly thought I could handle olympic walking in my 6-inchers. Needless to say by the time we stumbled into the hotel lobby, I was buckled. A swift change of footwear was absolutely necessary for my poor burning and blistered feet.

So I spent the weekend in my gym trainers bundled up in 10 thousand layers and was a serious outfit repeater because I only had one warm coat with me. Not quite what I had imagined. Disheartened as I was that my outfits didn’t turn out quite as I had planned and that my favourite heeled boots lay obsolete in the hotel wardrobe all weekend I thought I’d share what I ended up wearing regardless. Sometimes you have to remember that in real life its not always convenient to dress like your favourite Instagram OOTDs.

Enough rambling, on with the outfits. You should anticipate a theme of comfort and warmth!
Paris in January // What I Wore // AlmostChic
Paris in January // What I Wore // AlmostChic
Paris in January // What I Wore // AlmostChic
Paris in January // What I Wore // AlmostChic
Paris in January // What I Wore // AlmostChic
Part of my big outfit plan was a pair of ripped black jeans. I only decided this the night before our flight though. Good one Jessie J. So I improvised and took the scissors an old pair of Marks and Spencers jeans I found in my wardrobe. I brought these cute loafers to wear with them but as I mentioned before;
Trainers > Blisters

Jeans; Old Marks and Spencer jeans I attacked with some scissors
Cable knit Jumper; Marks and Spencer
Coat; New Look (Sale)
Scarf and gloves; Mango (Sale)
Sunglasses; Mango (Sale)
Trainers; NIKE
Bag; Fossil
Paris in January // What I Wore // AlmostChic
Paris in January // What I Wore // AlmostChic
Paris in January // What I Wore // AlmostChic
Paris in January // What I Wore // AlmostChic
These amazing wool culottes from Les 100 Ciels were an absolute outfit saver. I wished I’d worn them both days since they were so much warmer than jeans. Hindsight’s a b****h. Again I had planned these super cute high heeled boots from Zara for with them and a different coat but…well you know the story by now.

My beautiful cashmere jumper, also from Les 100 Ciels was so much of a winner warmth wise that I was even cosy enough to strip off my jacket for a while. Only when the sun was shining though!

Culottes; Les 100 Ciels
Jumper; Les 100 Ciels
Coat; As before
Scarf and gloves; As before
Sunglasses; As before
Trainers; As before
Bag; As before
(I warned you there was some extreme outfit repeating)
Boots I was Supposed to Wear; Zara
Paris in January // What I Wore // AlmostChic
My general advice if you're heading to Paris in January? Bring ALL the layers. Bundle up or freeze to the bone - the choice is yours! Stay tuned for lots more travel posts coming your way very soon.


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