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It has been about a year since I started this weekly mini series and impressively I’ve kept it up religiously for about…well, one week. So incase you missed my first and only Chic Week vs Bleak Week so far (read it here) the general idea is that each week I share the chicest thing that’s happened in the last seven days and the bleakest (usually mildly amusing thing) that brought me back down to earth.

Chic Week

This weeks chic week is a bit of a double whammy. I’ve been on a couple of oh-so-sophisticated outings with two of my favourite Glasgow blogging pals Chantelle, and Tatyana. First up was our spa trip to Gleddoch last Sunday. I won’t gush about it too much since I’ve got a whole post in which I do exactly that here. I will say that chilling in an outdoor hot tub in the Scottish countryside was pretty much the best Monday morning ever.

At the end end of the week we did a spot of brunching in the gorgeously renovated Hutchesons Bar and Grill. Bubbles and brunch in their new velvet and marble laden restaurant was pretty much the epitome of chic (stay tuned for more pics of it coming soon - serious #decorgoals). Spending time with these two successful and impeccably dressed ladies really reminded me of why I love blogging & has completely inspired me to actually get off my butt and get things done this week. Plus on both occasions there was a whole lot of bubble induced hilarity – always a bonus!

Of course just when I thought I’d reached a new level of chic this week something had to happen to remind me that life isn’t all bubbles, giggles and beautiful insta shots.

Bleak Week

Freshly enthused by Tatyana & Chantelle’s talk of how great their morning runs and evening bootcamps made them feel, I thought bugger it! I’m jumping on this exercise bandwagon. So I took a friend up on an offer to become her new gym buddy. Long story short – a leisurely trip to the gym to break myself in gently turned into a fully fledged torture session from her personal trainer friend. Bleak as this sounds, this isn’t actually the low point of our story. Nope! I came home pumped with endorphins convinced that gym life was my new life.

The bleak part happened next day when I woke up with the acute sensation that I’d been hit by a bus in the night. And so ensued a day of physical challenge worse than that which had occurred in the actual gym session. Getting on and off the throne filled me with dread. The bathroom radiator nearly came clean off the wall at one point as I tried to use it as a handy hoist to aid in the rising process. Any stray objects that I dropped throughout the day had to lie abandoned on the floor of my flat, to be retrieved another day when hopefully my bending wasn’t quite so excruciating.

Evening rolled around and the situation hadn’t improved and suddenly an idea struck me. Fitness buffs are always raving that baths are great for sore muscles. Surely this would be my cure? As I sank in to my hot bath, overflowing with any product from my stash that even hinted at the word muscles, the relief was immediate. I enjoyed an hour of pain free muscles and was beginning to think that maybe exercise wasn’t so bad after all.

Time to get out and take on the world again! And then I realized, with horror, that I could not. It had all been a lie. The minute the warm, fragrance spiked water swirled away the pain and stiffness was back. And I was stuck. A pensioner before my time. Trapped naked and alone, an upside down beetle in my own bath tub. BLEAK.

Bubbles & Beetles // Chic Week vs Bleak Week

As I squirmed about, trying pitifully to find a position that would allow my gym weakened legs to push me out of the bath, the panic started to set in more than I'd care to admit. I was home alone and my phone was out of reach. Even if I could have reached it I'm not sure who I was planning to phone to rescue me from the bath?!...The fire brigade? Pretty sure hoisting unfit girls from baths isn't a service they provide. I struggled hopelessly for what felt like hours (probs 10 minutes in reality) and then lay feeling sorry for myself for what felt like many more hours (again, maybe 5 mins realistically...) contemplating all my life decisions so far that had lead me to this point. But a chill was starting to set in and I knew had to either had to find some sort of super human strength to get myself out or just accept my fate and die in the tub.

So I grabbed on to the bath handles and with a grunt to rival the Williams sisters I heaved myself from my ceramic prison. Boy would I not like to see a slow mo, action replay of that incident. Probably the least graceful thing that has ever occurred in the history of the human race. Picture it like a really deep squat in reverse. Or alternatively a baby elephant standing up for the first time. But, alas, shame faced as I might have been - freedom was mine.

What can we learn from my unfortunate bath time incident? Whatever you do in life - stay as fit as you possibly can. Workout often and keep those muscles toned. Not so that you can be #FitSpo, get that "perfect" bikini bod or be #BodyGoals. No. Just so that you too don't one day find yourself so unfit that you can't even get out of a bath tub and so that you can enjoy the chic times - like a liquid brunch with the gals - completely guilt free!

I hope you've enjoyed this cautionary tale! Let me know in the comments what the chic highlights and bleak lowlights of your week have been! And I'll be back next year with the next instalment of this weekly series because the key to being a successful blogger is consistency.



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