Worth the hype? // The Ordinary

The Ordinary Review Worth The Hype // Beauty by Almost Chic

The Ordinary. Possibly one of the most well hyped skincare brands of the last decade. Sweeping statement, I know, but wouldn't you agree? The real question - is this innovative and award winning brainchild from the team at DECIEM all it's cracked up to be?

The basics

What is it? 

The Ordinary

Where from? 

Deciem, Cult Beauty 

How much? 

Very affordable high-street price range (£3.90 - £14.90)

I tried:

If you only buy one: 

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 because I truly believe it's changed my skin for the better - everyone should try it!

You could probably live without: 

100% Plant-Derived Squalane because it wasn't as high achieving as I hoped and took a while to sink in to the skin. It's still great but definitely not my favourite.

On my wishlist: 

Advanced Retinoid 2% is quickly becoming a cult anti-aging product and I'd love to see what the fuss is about. Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG is also high on my skincare wish list - rumoured to rid you of tired looking eyes for good.

The Ordinary Review Worth The Hype // Beauty by Almost Chic

Now for those of you who're here for more than that snapshot review - let's get down to it. If you haven't come out from under your rock for a while you might not have heard of The Ordinary yet. Unlikely considering its been plastered all over every social media channel (including my own), magazine and blog. None the less, incase you're in the small percentile who've missed it, I'll try to sum up.

The lovely humans at DECIEM have been pushing beauty boundaries and challenging brand norms since their launch in 2013. They've brought us many favourites such as NIOD and Hylamide. But The Ordinary has undoubtedly been their most roaring success to date. The driving forces behind the brand are honesty and integrity. To put it simply, founder Brandon Truaxe and his team were a wee bit sick of the lack of these traits in the beauty world today; where basic skincare technologies are often labelled as groundbreaking and advanced, allowing for inflated pricing and general consumer confusion. Hence they have chosen to be completely transparent about everything Ordinary related - right down to providing a breakdown of their production costs. What does this mean for you as a customer though? Well it all boils down to high quality products you can really trust with an insanely low price tag!

As if you weren't already impressed enough by the DECIEM crew - they can also add the "cruelty free" feather to their cap. What about the actual products though? Are they actually as good as they sound or are we all just blinded by the media storm and all the right buzz words the company throws out? Well as you've probably gathered - I've been trying out 3 of the products recommended for dry and sensitive skin and have shared my thoughts on each of them below. In general though I am monumentally impressed by the difference the addition of 3 simple products has made to my skin. As with all skincare though remember that it is not a case of what works for me will work for you so do plenty of your own research (DECIEM's own website is a great starting point). I advise carefully selecting and introducing just one or two products to your routine to start of with. Don't just plunge in at the deep end and buy the whole range - you definitely won't need it all.

The Ordinary Review Worth The Hype // Beauty by Almost Chic
The Ordinary Review Worth The Hype // Beauty by Almost Chic
This is one of those super confusing products that on first application has the potential to be deemed useless. You know what I mean? With more sensory products such as oils, masks or rich creams some basic part of you goes "ooh that feels like its doing something". Where as this Hyaluronic Acid serum, which is pretty much scentless and has a gloopy transparent appearance when dropped out of its pipette, immediately sinks in to your skin and your skin just feels, well, normal. Being that it's a water based product it completely absorbs and dries to leave your skin feeling as naked and fresh as it does straight after cleansing. But do not be fooled. It's packed with clever science and is a real hero product.

If you try one thing from The Ordinary's range I think it should be this. I won't try and explain the science as DECIEM do that perfectly well themselves HERE but basically if you have problems with dry skin (that includes dry skin that feels oily) HA will do wonders for your skin's hydration levels. I noticed a real difference after just a couple of days using the serum am & pm straight after cleansing and before my moisturiser.

My skin is definitely plumper, softer and just generally healthier. For me, the effects of HA were most noticeable after I used this product religiously for a few weeks and then stopped - it took a few days given that the product treats the skin at such a deep level - but eventually my skin went back to how it was before HA came into my life. And trust me I never want to stop using it again. The best thing about this product is that, like all Ordinary products, it won't cost you an arm and a leg. Heck it barely costs you a finger.

At just £5.90 this is an absolute must have in your beauty cabinet. Buy it here.
The Ordinary Review Worth The Hype // Beauty by Almost Chic
Another no frills beauty staple (are you getting the idea yet). This fast absorbing lightweight moisturiser is another win in my eyes. At first I was a bit concerned about how slightly clinical this product felt (years of prescribed eczema creams coming back to haunt me) but then I realised how silly I was being - that's the whole point of The Ordinary. It's not about the feel good factor while you're actually using the product but the long term feel good factor of using a product that actually works and doesn't unnecessarily bankrupt you. So once I got passed this initial uncertainty I fell in love with the Natural Moisturising Factors.

Like I said the cream is very light weight and completely non-greasy, making it a great base for makeup. It takes a bit more work to massage it into the skin than other moisturisers I've tried but its worth the extra effort as the results are great. Again the immediate impression is that not much has changed with your skin - it still feels freshly cleansed. Yet it feels much healthier and any usual tightness and discomfort caused by my dry skin is kept at bay all day. I apply it in the morning after the Hyaluronic Acid but still use a heavier cream or oil based serum (like the plant-derived squalane) in the evening.

DECIEM recommend the Natural Moisturising Factors to all skin types so its definitely worth a shot. And at £4.90 per tube - can you really go wrong? Buy it here.
The Ordinary Review Worth The Hype // Beauty by Almost Chic
I don't know if I just haven't given this one enough of a chance but it just didn't blow me away! I've been using it after the Hyaluronic Acid in the evenings before bed sometimes in place of my usual night cream. The main purpose of this oil based serum is to hydrate and to protect the skin from water loss. It is a very oily oil (an oil that's oily...groundbreaking comment from Jessie J) so I find it to be a bit messy and I just don't really like my face to feel that greasy so I haven't used it that religiously. On the occasions I did use it I did have soft, smooth skin in the morning but it just wasn't enough of a transformation for me personally! I could take it or leave it.

 When I took to the internet though there are many raving reviews of this product from people who know a lot more about the science of skincare than I do (I found THIS article on Beauty Editor about the benefits of squalane very informative). And because I'm so impressed with the other two products I'm willing to give it a second chance. I'll report back with an update of how I get on once I've used it without fail for a few weeks!

 If you're intrigued and fancy giving it a try yourself in the meantime it's only £5.50, an absolute bargain like all Ordinary products. Buy it here.
The Ordinary Review Worth The Hype // Beauty by Almost Chic
Overall I would have to say that YES this brand is worth all the amazing hype it gets. The only drawback is that it can be quite confusing to work out which products to actually use. I found this breakdown on their website really handy in deciding which regime would work for me. It lists which products can be used together and in which order, as well as giving a few example skincare routines based on specific skin concerns. Their social team are super friendly and helpful too so if you're confused at all just pop them a comment, email or direct message and I'm sure they'll help you out! I find skincare is all about trial and error but I definitely think everyone should try something from The Ordinary.

Jess x

*The above products were complimentary from Deciem for review purposes but all opinions are entirely my own and this post is not sponsored*


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