How to Enjoy Fashion Week At Home

It's time fashionistas - with New York Fashion Week out of the way London Fashion Week 2017 is here. Flocks of the most fashion forward folk will be spilling in to the capital as we speak, armed with stilettos and the hottest trends. It's all go. But what if you aren't hightailing it to London right now? What if you're still a trend following, fashion obsessive but you're not so obsessed with rushing around the busy city on blistered feet fighting to get into shows? Or maybe you just don't have the time this year. Can you still enjoy fashion week?

Of course you can. If your heart lies with activities that you can enjoy in the comfort of your pyjamas, surrounded by snacks, then read on my fellow couch dwellers. I have some great tips on how you can have a fantastic fashion week, without actually being there. Whether its London, Paris, Milan or New York that you're skipping - there's no need to miss out on the action.

Live vicariously through your favourite bloggers

Its time to put your professional stalker hat on, extra fashion week points if its a baker boy.  I don't know if you've noticed but bloggers love fashion week. It's the highlight of the year for many fashion obsessed bloggers, understandably. And this makes for a whole lot of extra content. The blogging scene is crammed with fabulous content at this time of year which means that as a fashion obsessed reader, fashion week can also be the highlight of your year.

Make sure you're following your favs on all their platforms - blogs, Youtube channels, Insta, Twitter, Snapchat - the lot! Then you can sit back and let them do the stressful bit - running from show to show in their stilettos and fighting for pap attention - whilst you absorb all the fashion-y goodness from the comfort of your own home (or desk at work if you're feeling a bit rebellious).

Livestream from the sofa

London fashion week, in particular, is big on bringing fashion to the digital masses. Want a front row seat to the top shows but don't happen to be editor of Vogue or a member of the Jenner Hadid clan? No problem, just pap out your laptop, head to LFW's live streaming page and enjoy. No press pass required. They have a great streaming schedule - just keep an eye on this page on their website. If you're feeling particularly keen you can pop some reminders on your phone since you can see the schedule for the whole week down the right hand side.

New York, Paris etc also have plenty of live streaming offers. Just google *insert your chosen city* fashion week live stream and you'll be faced with loads of options. Easy peasy.

Magazines - remember them?

Go old school and stock up on all your favourite glossys. The issues that come out pre fashion week are chock-full of FW predictions and sneak peeks. The issues after are stuffed with highlights, round ups, top picks and the all important party gossip. And during? You can get more instant and regular updates on all the magazines online - I'll be keeping an eye on Vogue,  Elle, and Cosmopolitan , obviously, but also love Refinery 29 for an alternative spin on FW.

So nip to your favourite magazine stockist, grab a big pile and settle yourself down with a cup of tea and enjoy. To keep track of the online mags I recommend using an RSS reader app. My favourite is Flipboard - it allows you to make your own magazine which is basically like a Pinterest board or playlist of your favourite magazines in one place so you don't miss any articles. I've made a special LFW feed already combining my favourite magazines and blogs. I'll also be flipping all my favourite articles to this one here which you can follow if you so wish!

Host a fashion week brunch, lunch or all out party

For this one you might actually have to get out of your pyjamas. If you've got any equally fashion enthusiastic friends (or just brunch enthusiastic friends whom you can bully into participating with your theme) host a Fashion Week brunch either at home or in your hometowns most stylish restaurant (my choice would be Hutchesons in Glasgow). Don your most outrageously fashion forward outfits. Discuss all your favourite shows, designers and street style paps. Even make time for a few of your own here I am strolling amongst busy traffic without a care in the world shots for Insta. Mirror selfies in the bathroom are also acceptable if you consider the highway code to be of some importance. 

The best part? Because you won't actually be at fashion week, you won't have to adopt some ridiculous one cornflake per day diet. Your #FashionWeekDiet can include unlimited prosecco, pastries, pancakes and fried goods. Plus you won't have an actual show to rush off to so you can guzzle as much bubbly liquid as you see fit and really enjoy some fashion focused fun with your besties.

Buy yourself a whole new wardrobe with the money you saved

Unless you're famous and have brands tripping over themselves to book you on an all expenses paid 5 star trip to fashion week then spoiler alert it is pricey. Travelling to London isn't cheap from most places. If you're planning to go to fashion week further afield, requiring a flight, you're going to be even more out of pocket. Hotels run premium rates during fashion week. Add on to this all the meals, drinks, parties, tubes, taxis etc and you'll have spent a small fortune before you can blink.

But if you're staying at home and enjoying fashion week for free from your laptop - think of all that money you've saved. Use it to update your wardrobe with all the latest fashions you've discovered whilst observing from the sofa. Or just buy yourself an extra special outfit or investment piece as a treat. Then bask smugly in your own thriftiness.

So you see my fashion hungry pals - there's no need to fret if you can't make it to the big event. Just enjoy it at home with a cocktail in hand like me! There are so many ways to have a great LFW without the stress. Challenge for you - I've yet to find a fashion week podcast that I love, can you recommend any?



  1. LOVE this! However, now all I want to do is stop working and do some LFW stalking...oh and track down those pyjamas!!! 😍🙊
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  2. Great post! I did go to Belfast fashion week x

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