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Pals, I'm about to change your life. Please tell me I'm not the only one that loathes spending my precious time hunting endlessly for the perfect pair of shoes. Whether it's the perfect will-match-my-dress-without-turning-my-feet-to-mince-meat heels for a special event (weddings are the worst); the perfect will-go-with-everything-in-my-suitcase sandals for a holiday or the perfect will-last-all-winter-and-compliment-my-fancy-new-winter-coat boots. I always have a very specific idea of what I want in mind and damned if I can ever find an exact match in the shops no matter how long I trawl. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Here comes the life changing bit. I've discovered Shoes Of Prey. And you need to discover it too. Basically, you know all those times when you've just been like "GOD DAMN IT don't these designers know what I need. That heel is too low for me, I don't like that stupid embellishment and I wish the toe was a bit pointier. I wish I could just design my own shoes"? Well now you can. You just pop on to the Shoes of Prey website and, using their amazing 3D designer, in a few quick clicks you literally have your dream shoes. Designed by you and custom made by experts. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg either. 

The process is easy. You can start with one of their designs and customise them if you need a bit of inspiration or you can build your shoes from scratch. When I say customise I don't mean you can just change the colour of them or anything boring like that. You can literally customise e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. The heel height/shape, the toe shape, the type of leather, the colour and material of each panel, the type of metal for the zip, the interior. Everything. There are so many options.  Even if you don't fancy a new pair of shoes right now you should go have a play with the designer tools to see what I'm talking about. Much fun!

To finish the boots you can add your own custom engraving to the insole to truly make them yours. I had my blog alter ego engraved in mine obvz but this would be a lovely addition if you were to create your wedding shoes and have the date or your new married name inscribed to turn them into an extra special wedding keepsake. Or design shoes for your bridesmaids and have them inscribed with cute nicknames as a gift! This normally costs £45 but you can use my discount code ALMOSTCHIC for a free custom inscription.

Check out the absolute beauties I designed. As my friend Chantelle said (before she knew I designed them myself) - they are basically me in shoe form. 

I'm actually a bit of a sceptical shopper, especially when it comes to online shopping. And a few of the concerns I had were;

  1. Is this a bit of a gimmick and the shoes will turn out to be average quality?
  2. I need my shoes asap, will it take ages to make and deliver shoes?
  3. They aren't based in the UK - will delivery be extortionate?
  4. What if they don't fit or I don't actually like them, can I still return shoes that are custom made? 

Turns out I didn't need to be concerned at all. 
  1. The shoes are incredible quality. The leather* is softer than my own skin and they are probably the comfiest boots I've ever owned. I was genuinely blown over by how amazing and luxe they were when I opened the box. They even pop in extras like those squishy toe pads, heel protectors to make sure you get a comfortable fit.
  2. Your shoes are guaranteed to be at your door in 2 weeks. Wherever you live in the world.
  3. Delivery is free. FREE. Am I kidding?! Nope. 
  4. They have an insane return policy. As long as they haven't been worn you have a whopping 365 days to return them (or they can remake them for you in a different size). Or they'll cover the cost if you take them to a local shoe repairer to be resized. How's that for customer service? See the full policy here.
*Don't worry if leather isn't your thing, they have clearly marked options which are suitable for vegans. 

The price point is amazing considering the quality of the shoes. Think higher end high street. I.e. if you usually buy your shoes in Primark or New Look you probably won't love the prices but they'd still be an amazing treat for a special occasion. Or if you normally don't mind spending a wee bit more on good quality shoes that last, then Shoes of Prey is the perfect place for you. 

If you aren't already convinced check out some of the shoes designed by other amazing bloggers HERE. Expect to be heavily shoe-spammed by me on Insta with these boots - I am obsessed. Definitely going to be rocking them a lot this A/W. Got my eyes on an amazing pair of mules next too! Just watch the space at the end of my ankles ;) 

Happy shoe designing everyone. Don't forget you can get a free insole inscription worth £45 using my discount code ALMOSTCHIC. 

Jess x

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The boots featured in this post were given to me free of charge by Shoes Of Prey for review purposes. 
However, this post is not sponsored and all opinions are entirely my own. 



  1. Oh my goodness they are SO YOU! And look so expensive! Amazing booties, fab concept and great pictures girls! ;)

  2. THOSE BOOTS!! I've said it once but I'll say it again, they're SO you! I've already started designing my own pair in my head hahaha! ��


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