REN Perfect Canvas

When skin care meets makeup it can be a bit of a hit or miss. In the case of REN's new serum primer though - it is a definite hit. Perfect Canvas is a lightweight serum that you apply after moisturising but before applying makeup.

I've been testing this exciting new launch for a few weeks now and it has earned a permanent spot on my beauty shelf. What makes it a winner though? Perfect Canvas is different to other primers because it is stacked full of active ingredients which look after your skin in the longterm whilst helping with the longevity and overall appearance of makeup in the short term.


Prebiotic Alpha Glucan helps strengthen skin's natural barrier by upping the amount of good bacteria and blasting the bad bacteria (yes just like Yakult but for your skin). This in itself won't hydrate your skin but a healthy barrier will in turn help maintain good hydration levels. And we all know hydrated skin is all kinds of fab.

Similarly probiotic extracts such as Lactococcus Ferment Lysate maintain a natural pH balance which promotes overall skin health and improves it's resilience to damage.

Agave Extract provides the primer element without need for silicone. Agave has been used as a skin aid for hundreds of years and it's effect in Perfect Canvas is to fill fine lines and gently mattify without causing dryness.

For a full ingredient list check out the product info here

My Thoughts

Considering I have very dry skin I am always desperately seeking a dewy look with my makeup which I don't tend achieve when I use a primer. Yep that's right I usually steer clear of primers full stop. That's why I am so excited that REN's offering actually works for me. 

In the weeks since I've started using the serum I've noticed a definite improvement in the texture and appearance of my skin. Which you would hope to be the case considering that the product is a bit of an investment. My skin feels plumper and hydrated - this is particularly noticeable at the end of a full day of makeup wearing. Usually by the end of the day I am desperate to get my makeup off, that I want to claw my own face of because it is so dry and uncomfortable kind of feeling. Since using Perfect Canvas though my skin feels as hydrated and comfortable at the end of the day as it does when I've just applied my morning skincare. Almost as if I've been wearing a mask underneath my make-up. 

The serum works extremely well as a primer even though it is completely silicone free (hurrah). The finish is more of a satin finish than a chalky matte finish which again is a plus in my eyes. Fine lines (as much as I hate to admit it - I do have them) and imperfections are filled and makeup applies wonderfully on top - like painting on a perfect canvas (be honest - did you just get it?). And it has definitely boosted the longevity of my makeup. 

It may be pricey but it does do the job of multiple products which might end up costing more if you were to buy them all. Ever the sceptic I hate to jump in at the deep end with an expensive product like this myself so I recommend you don't just take my word for it - do your research (REN's own website is a good place to start), read plenty of reviews (great bloggers such as Aye Lined have written great reviews) and try to sample it somewhere if you can. 

Need to know

How much? £50
Suitable for? All skin types
Full Ingredients? See here
Cruelty free? Yes

Let me know if you have any other questions - I'll do my best to answer them! Laters guys. 

Jess x

*Press sample given to me for review purposes. All opinions are entirely my own. 
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  1. Oh this sounds like the perfect product for me!

    xx Lisa |

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