ESPA Pink Hair and Scalp Mud | Friday Favourite

While you're reading this post I'll be sunning myself in St Lucia. I know, scheduling posts in advance?! Who have I become? Anyway, this week's Friday favourite was something that really helped me get my frizzy winter hair into tip top condition in preparation for the beach so I just had to share it with you.
What is it? A nourishing hair and scalp treatment mask.

Where do I buy it? John Lewis , ESPA Online

How much is it? £34

How do I use it? Massage a generous dollop in to your roots then work or comb it through to the ends (I use my Aqua Splash Tangle Teaser). Leave for twenty minutes or wrap hair up and leave overnight. Rinse then shampoo/condition your hair as usual.

How often do I use it? Once a week on my hair as part of my Sunday pamper routine. I also use it regularly on dry skin patches as is suitable to be used as an intensive skin moisturiser (even on eczema).

It might not be your favourite if: You prefer a hair mask to leave your hair feeling kind of slick a weighted down (for example if you like Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moisture). Although this mask is very nourishing and really improves the strength and health of your hair over time, the immediate effect is more of a squeaky clean feeling and you definitely need to use a conditioner after it.

Good to know: Cruelty free

More info? For detailed info and ingredients check out ESPA's website HERE.

Why I love it

When my hair is looking a tad drab this treatment gives it the lift it needs. It restores the shine, reduces frizz and keeps my scalp (which is prone to dryness and flakiness) in tip top condition. I find the effects of certain hair masks is short lived but this one is different. Since it works right from the scalp it has really improved the overall health of my hair. I finally know how those "because you're worth it" gals felt in the TV ads and regularly find myself doing a smug, over dramatic hair toss after I've used it. No, but seriously, the effects of ESPA Pink hair and scalp mud can definitely be felt long after you've used it.

Like all ESPA products, using the mask is a very sensory experience - it smells truly divine for one! Plus it creates an incredible cooling/tingling sensation on your scalp which is so soothing and relaxing (kind of like after a head massage). It's an amazing addition to any day of self care indulgence.

Oh and there's that extra bonus - it's multiuse. And as a lazy gal I love only having to reach for one product (see my review of my fav multiuse products from Alex Carro here). Yes as weird as it sounds this hair mask actually works fabulously on my eczema (but remember just because it works for me it might not work for you - always test/sample where you can). I haven't just made that up myself - it's insider info! It came from a good friend who works at a spa using ESPA products exclusively. Since it is all natural and gentle it can work wonders on dry skin without causing irritation.

I'll definitely be repurchasing ESPA Pink Hair and Scalp Mud over and over. I definitely recommend you try it if you're in the mood to treat yo' self.

Until next time lovelies!

Jess x


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