Chic-est Valentines Gifts for 2018

Christmas is firmly in rear view mirror territory for another year. Hurrah. No more gift buying for a while, right? Wrong. You've probably forgotten about the sneaky lil' holiday that pops up right between the Santa one and the chocolate bunny one. I'll give you a hint; this one's sponsored by a wee, chubby, naked man with a bow and arrow. Yep. Whether you love it or loathe it, it's unavoidable. Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

Don't panic though. I have you covered. I've scoured the internet for the chicest gifts out there to help you spoil your other half this V-day. No tacky heart balloons here. Or heck, just to spoil yourself with because you for sure don't need an other half to enjoy the 14th of Feb. If you're still stumped after checking out my picks, you can always give the gift of choice. You can't go wrong with giving them a gift card and letting them choose! I have my eye on a few bits from the Jack Wills sale at the moment so I would be delighted if my fiancé popped one of their gift cards in my post box this year (hope you caught that subtle hint Calum!). To make life easier you can shop their gift cards (UK) online.

For Her

Phew! Are you feeling spendy yet? I want all of the above for myself. The his and hers to be honest. Except maybe the boxers. I've picked a few high-end-ish gifts here so if that doesn't suit your gifting budget, I've got another gift guide coming soon with loads of great gifts under £20! Talking of which, that actually makes for a really fun valentines - you and your partner set an exact amount each (me and Calum have done it in the past with a fiver or a tenner) and have to find a fab gift that adds up to exactly that. To the penny if you're really hardcore. It's a real challenge to find something you know they'll like for such specific amount but it's so lovely seeing what you get in return since you know how much thought has gone in to it.

Remember as with any gift - it's the thought that counts so don't stress too much. And as for Valentines - personally I think it's about celebrating love so whether that's with your other half, yourself, your kids or your mates that you're celebrating, it's not just a day for couples anymore! Whatever you do and whoever you spend it with this year, I hope the 14th of February, and every other day in fact, is filled with love and good times for you.

Jess x

(Now excuse me while I go swallow this vomit because gag, how cheesy am I. If you can't have a cheese fest around Valentines day though - when else can you?!)

More for her

More for him 

*This post contains sponsored content. All opinions are entirely my own and all of the items above have been chosen by me personally because I truly love them and think they'd make great gifts*

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