New in Beauty 11th Feb 2018

Who likes new things? Yeah me too. So I'm trying out something new on the blog and its about new things. Are you excited yet? Just me? Ok, cool. From now I'm going to do my absolute best detective work and keep my ear to the ground to make sure I know about all (well, most) of the brand new and very best beauty launches you need to know about. I'll do the leg work so you don't have to. And if you're lazy, like me, you'll hopefully love this idea.

I've always been a bit of a last-to-the-party kind of gal but recently I've been trying to stay in the know within the beauty-sphere. The result? I've been hearing about a lot of new product drops that I'm very excited about. I've rounded up the creme de la creme this week. Me and my bank balance are going to have to have words because I need all of it. Every last thing. 

Recent Skincare Launches

1. Evening Detox Range - This Works

This Works may be most widely raved about for their range of sleep sprays and candles but when I spotted this new addition to their, already fantastic, skincare repertoire on Sartorial Scot's Insta stories I was very excited. The new Evening Detox range marks the brand's first foray into anti-pollution skincare and consists of three core products at the moment.

If you're a city dweller and your skin takes a daily beating from nasty environmental pollutants then these are definitely worth incorporating into your evening routine. Aimed at skin which is feeling a bit dull and congested the range is supposed to "detoxify, decongest and rejuvenate". First on my to try list is definitely the Evening Detox Clay Mask, which has a built in brush applicator. [more info here]

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2. Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic - REN

REN's latest launch has landed and it's a goodie. I'm a big REN fan (as you may have gathered from my previous reviews of & Now To Sleep and Perfect Canvas) so I was delighted when their new product Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic was launched a few weeks ago. I foresee this resurfacing, exfoliating tonic being a strong competitor for Pixi's cult product - Glow Tonic! It's supposed to brighten your skin whilst being gentle enough for every day use. I for one can't wait to try it - especially with the satisfying push down well-pump. You know that's going to be satisfying to use.

I'd maybe be cautious of this one if you have sensitive skin though. I know when my skin's at it most sensitive any acid exfoliators can be super irritating - no matter how gentle they claim to be. Try before you buy if you can! [more info here]

3. Vit C Brightening Range - Rodial

Another completely new range but this time it's from Rodial. I've been trying to inject a bit more Vitamin C into my skincare routine since about this time last year as it seemed to be the talk of the beauty scene in 2017. It's a key anti-aging ingredient which supposedly brightens and smooths the skin as well as having great anti-oxidant properties. However, it's one of those ingredients that comes in several different forms and as a result can be a bit confusing. Hence, it's great to see some brands like Rodial doing the leg work for us by launching products specifically aimed at those who, like me, are looking to pimp their skincare routine with some Vitamin C.

Rodial's new Vit C Brightening Range, which has initially launched with 3 products, sounds especially promising. Rodial tend not to disappoint with their high-tech formulas but given that they're price range definitely errs on the side of high, I think I'm going to wait until the reviews start rolling in before I try anything from this particular launch. [more info here]

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4. New Additions to the UltraCalming Range - Dermalogica

Hallelujah. One of my favourite skincare ranges, UltraCalming by Dermalogica, has birthed a couple of newbies. If you haven't seen me rave about this range and the wonders it does for my eczema prone skin check out this post. The launch consists of Calm Water Gel moisturiser to hydrate dry, sensitive skin and Barrier Defence Booster which is the first oil based product in the range.

Personally I'm not as excited about the Water Gel since I'm not the biggest fan of gel formula moisturisers but, boy, am I desperate to try the Barrier Defence Booster. As far as I can tell it's a serum type product which is to be used under moisturiser (or mixed with your moisturiser). The purpose of the concentrated oil booster is to soothe, nourish and moisturise sensitive skin. Generally restoring a bit of balance. Sounds like the kind of miracle product I need in my life immediately. [more info here]

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Recent Makeup Launches

1. Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

If you pay attention even slightly to the world of beauty and make up you'll have heard of, or tried, NARS cult foundation - Sheer Glow. A lot of high profile beauty enthusiasts, from bloggers to editors, have sung it's praises. It is no surprise, therefore, that there has been a lot of hype and intrigue around their new long wear foundation Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

Sheer Glow boasts light, buildable coverage. It is all about sheer radiance and injecting extra moisture into the skin to improve it's appearance in the long run as well as the short. This new offering, however, claims high pigment, full coverage and up to 16 hour lasting power. All while feeling unexpectedly weightless and comfortable. Reviews are flooding in left, right and centre and unfortunately they're pretty mixed - which is often the case with foundation. People's opinions on them are always dependent on a lot of personal preference factors. This makes it hard to gauge whether or not NARS have nailed it with another best selling base. If you're in the market for a new high coverage foundation though it may be worth heading to your nearest NARS counter to check this one out. [more info here]

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2. Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick - Kat Von D

This one's not so much brand new, more of a relaunch. Kat Von D has finally released her much anticipated, new and improved lipstick formula in 3 different finishes and a whopping 40 shades. Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick is supposed to be creamier and more pigmented than ever and in true Kat Von D style the shades range from gorgeous reds and pinks to quirky blues, purples and even greens. Colours are available in a selection satin-matte, metallic and glimmer finishes, so there's really something for every taste. The reviews are coming in strong so I'm absolutely buzzing to try these fabulous lipsticks. [more info here]

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3. Bronze and Blush & Brightening Youth Glow - Charlotte Tilbury 

Ok so I know Filmstar Bronze and Blush Glow isn't that new but it is a recent makeup launch that I am very excited about. I am obsessed with the original Filmstar Bronze and Glow, for me the bronzer is the ultimate shade for contouring. I've seen the new launch take some flack so far as there's only one shade combination available, which may not suit all. I'm sure the queen of makeup C Tilbs has a few more up her sleeve though and I can't wait to see if she launches more options. The shade of bronzer looks a little bit warm for the current wintery weather but I think it will look amazing come Spring/Summer! [more info here]

As if that wasn't enough the rose gold goddess of makeup has also dropped a new primer - Brightening Youth Glow. Described as an "anti ageing, colour correcting, glow booster", to be used before foundation it certainly sounds promising. I've heard that it's quite glittery though so if that's not your kind of thing you might not be buzzing about this launch. [more info here]

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4. BADgal Bang - Benefit 

New in from Benefit. The hype around this mascara before it launched was verging on ridiculous. Considering it's just an upgrade of their existing BADgal mascara the actual reveal of the "out of this world" product was a little underwhelming. However, the hype worked. Everyone I know that obsesses over the beauty world was talking about it. The general opinion? Very wet formula but decent results. Hmm. Will you be trying it out for yourself? [more info here]

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5. Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation - Bobbi Brown 

Another big foundation launch this month. Bobbi Brown have brought us a brand new formula. Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation is a full coverage and longwear (up to 16hrs) foundation with a matte finish. However, as the name suggests, it is also supposed to feel weightless, breathable and comfortable on the skin. Reviews seem to be agreeing with this claim so far with many saying they "forgot they were wearing it". There's also the added bonus that it is SPF 15. It'll definitely be interesting to see whether this or the NARS foundation launch rates highest in the beauty sphere, with so many similarities between the two products. [more info here]

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Recent Haircare Launches

1. Foamo Holographic Hair Foam - IGK Hair

Perhaps more exciting than the launch of this specific product from IGK Hair is the fact that the whole brand is new to the UK, having only just launched in Space NK. Three words sum up this exciting new export from across the pond - very, very cool. With an exciting variety of products, from several different shampoo & conditioner options to more innovative products like dry shampoo blotting tissues, plus their on point branding - the brand is sure to be an immediate success for Space NK. 

It's finally happened - hair highlighters are here! IGK's latest launch Foamo, a holographic hair foam, is bound to be a massive hit for festival season. The magical shimmering foam transforms your hair into unicorn hair (eeeee). It's a temporary, wash out colour packed with tonnes of fine glitter for a subtle iridescent shine. Plus it changes colour depending on how the light hits it - like flip paint for your hair! The results when Allure tested it, on behalf of all of us, looked incredible (see the article with pictures here). Sign me up for magical unicorn hair this summer. [more info here]

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2. Choco Locks - Lee Stafford

For those of you who love good haircare but don't love remortgaging your house to pay for it, we have a few newbies in the drugstore. Lee Stafford is notorious for fun ranges in glorious scents and his newest is no exception. Choco Locks is just heavenly, especially if you're chocolate lover like me. I've actually tried a couple of products from this range and can confirm that they smell good enough to eat (but don't though). 

Apparently chocolate releases the same chemical in your brain that is made when you're falling in love so this range has all the feel good vibes. For any hair type, it'll leave your hair glossy, vibrant and illuminated without weighing it down. And of course it'll smell divine too. I strongly recommend the Butter Cream Treatment. [more info here]

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3. Argan Richness Range - Garnier

I probably don't need to tell you that Garnier Ultimate Blends are some of the best value for money haircare products out there. They already have a pretty extensive roster of ranges to choose from but they've just a dropped a new one. I first spotted the Argan Richness range over on Estée Lalonde's blog (read her post here) and if the queen of internet beauty endorses it - I'm sold. I do feel like Garnier are slightly late to the Argan oil party though - most brands were over this trend in like 2016, right? Never the less, it sounds glorious.

Aimed at those who feel their hair is dull and very dry hair, the rich and creamy products promise to intensely nourish leaving you with "softer, shinier, fairytale hair". The key ingredients? Argan oil and almond cream. It sounds like it ticks all the boxes considering all the products are absolute bargains. Definitely a must try if your hair is feeling a bit unruly from the cold weather and central heating. [more info here]

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*Boots have an introductory offer running on these products until 14th of Feb 2018 if you want even more of a bargain. Check out any of the links above to shop them at their lower price. 

4. New Finishing Products - OUAI Haircare 

And last but not least we're back in the land of high-end beauty. OUAI Haircare have launched several new finishing products recently and I'm excited about all of them. Because OUAI can do no wrong in my eyes.

First on the list is their revamped Smooth Spray. It's been given a new name and with the name have come a few new tricks. It is now a Leave in Conditioner packed with extra moisturising capabilities and improved heat protection. Also in the line up is their new Volume Spray, a weightless volume builder for all hair types.

Lastly, and perhaps the most intriguing, is the Anti Frizz Hair Sheets. For taming fly aways on the go. If you have static prone hair that drives you crazy these could be your answer. Apparently just a few swipes with the sheet leaves hair smooth and shiny. I'm sceptical about this one - feels a bit too like a fad to me but I'd definitely be interested in seeing the results. I'd also be concerned about how many uses there are in each box given that it will set you back £20. Not for the tight fisted that's for sure (aka me). [more info here]

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Wowza. Turns out I have a lot to say about these new beauty launches. Maybe next week I'll pop in a few less products so that it doesn't take you a millennium to read. Let me know which of these products you'd like me to try and review. Or if you've already tried any of them I'd love to hear whether you rated them or hated them. Until next time! 

Jess x

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