Ultimate Double Cleanse & Daily Superfoliant Review

Since discovering Dermalogica's Ultracalming range as an eczema plagued teenager, I have long since been a big fan of the brands skincare products. Seeing as the eczema on my face doesn't flare up as often as it used to I find that I no longer just need to stick to this particular product system and have graduated on to some of their other products. For the last month or so I've been trying out four of their newer products and I am obsessed. Since you guys seemed to love my skincare for eczema prone skin post so much - I thought you might like to hear how I got on with these newbies too.

Starting with my new favourite double cleansing duo - Precleanse Balm and Special Cleansing Gel. These two gems are an absolute dream team when it comes to double cleansing. And then a quick review of the amazing new Daily Superfoliant as well as the Skin Smoothing Cream - two products which have been a delight to add to my skincare routine.

Cleanse 1 - PreCleanse Balm

Many Dermalogica enthusiasts are already huge fans of the original PreCleanse, which is just magical. Being one of those aforementioned enthusiasts, I was psyched to hear they were releasing a new PreCleanse Balm formula but also, had a few qualms. Mainly, I wasn't sure what the need was for bringing out essentially the same product but in a slightly different consistency?  

But alas, willing as I am to try anything new when it comes to skincare, I went for it. And now that I have the PreCleanse Balm in my collection I can answer my own qualms (and maybe yours too?). The  most crucial conclusion? Yes, there is room for both the original PreCleanse and new Precleanse Balm in your heart (err, I mean bathroom cabinet). Call me an enabler if you like but here's a couple of reasons I believe the balm is a solid purchase even if you already have the oil formula;

  • Possesses all the same marvellous qualities as the original formulation - melts make up into the skin and dissolves every speck of makeup, smells like a trip to the spa and doesn't strip the skin 
  • Travels fabulously. This was one of the problems with the original formula, because it had a pump lid it was prone to being a bit leaky if you took it out of the bathroom and into a suitcase. Since the balm is more solid and has a proper click close cap, though, it stays in the bottle perfectly. So its great for popping in your gym bag, overnight bag or suitcase!
  • Comes paired with a wee silicone mitt that does absolute wonders for speed and effectiveness when oil cleansing. Fantastic for the heaviest makeup days when usually you might need two attempts at removal. It really helps get in to all the crevices that makeup might be lurking. 

Needless to say this is my go to product at the moment for Step 1 in my cleansing routine. I simply squeeze the equivalent of two peas worth of product directly on to the mitt and rub it in to dry makeup in circular motions. The initially thick and solid balm melts almost instantly into an oil that is really easy to work in to the skin. The soft silicone mitt feels amazing so I like to massage for about a minute, meaning not only does the product have time to rid my skin of all my makeup but I feel like I've had a mini facial. I then rinse it off with warm water, sometimes I even use a fresh muslin cloth if I'm feeling extra but this isn't necessary. The balm turns milky on contact with water and I get to enjoy all your make up swirling away down the plug hole which is unquestionably satisfying. Fresh faced and makeup free I move on to Step 2.

Cleanse 2 - Special Cleansing Gel

As double cleanse suggests, this is a two parter. If you pay any attention to the queen of skincare Caroline Hirons you'll know that a second cleanse is very important (if not stop and read her Double Cleanse Cheat Sheet now and come back when you're done). Step one is to budge any stubborn make up and SPF to make way for the second cleanse which really makes sure your skin is clean and prepped to absorb all the loveliness from any serums and moisturisers you apply after. There are many different combinations of double cleanse regime - do what suits you. However, this pair are my current favourite. 

After the oil based PreCleanse I like to use a gentle cleanser that does not strip my skin. That said, while I don't like my skin to feel stripped also don't like to feel likely cleanser has left a greasy film on my skin, personally. That's my moisturisers job. Dermalogica's Special Cleansing Gel has been ticking all the boxes for me recently. A no frills, gentle foaming cleanser. It's not scented and it doesn't irritate my very sensitive skin, which is fab. I can see exactly why it is one of Dermalogica's best selling products

This step is easy, just work a teeny amount (really you just need less than a pea size since this goes so far) in to wet skin. It foams easily. Massage it all over then rinse. Pat dry with a towel and your done. Comfortable clean skin that ready for your serums and moisturiser.

Fyi, as well as being fabulous for your evening double cleanse this is also a fab product for your morning cleanse (which of course doesn't need to be double as you haven't got any makeup to remove, unless you committed the ultimate skin sin of going to bed with a full face on!). 

Post Cleanse - Skin Smoothing Cream

Once my skin's all freshened up I like to follow up with some hyaluronic acid (currently using The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5) while my skin is still slightly damp. Followed by an eye cream (my favourite at the moment is ESPA's 24-hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser). And then I crack in to the moisturiser. At the moment I've been using the same one day and night but just with some different add ons depending on the time of day (SPF in the morning, extra oil at night, etc).

I have to admit I found Dermalogica's Skin Smoothing Cream a little bit underwhelming at first. However, I've persevered and realised, actually, underwhelming is exactly what I want in a moisturiser. Why on earth would that be a positive you ask? Well the reasons it's underwhelming also happen to be the reasons I love it;

  • it is unscented - meaning it doesn't irritate my skin 
  • it isn't thick and luxurious - meaning it applies easily and doesn't clog my pores 
  • it isn't oily or greasy - meaning it makes a perfect base for makeup 

Are you with me? Just like the Special Cleansing Gel there is nothing flashy about this moisturiser; it just does it's job. And very well I might add. My skin has been perfectly hydrated over the last month since I switched to Skin Smoothing Cream. It keeps my skin feeling smooth, plump and fresh all day. I am one very, very impressed skincare addict. 

Of course, being that I'm a total nerd, I was curious about how it was actually working so I did a bit of research to some of the science-y stuff. Namely the ingredients. It seems that the key magical ingredient is Lecithin, a softening and soothing agent. It has very powerful moisturising properties and penetrates the skin very deeply. It even aids the skin in it's absorption of other ingredients too, helping them to reach right down to cellular level. As well as Lecithin there's also Aloe Gel to nourish plus extracts of Mallow, Cucumber and Arnica to soothe and hydrate. There's even antioxidant ingredients in there to help battle free-radicals which age the skin. Not bad for a seemingly unremarkable product, huh?

Click here for more info about the un-expected miracle Skin Smoothing Cream.

New to my routine - Daily Superfoliant

Last but by no means least I wanted to mention the additional step I've added in to my routine recently. I've always been cautious of using any exfoliators daily - even when they say they are daily like this one. My skin is just too sensitive so I've been using Dermalogica's Daily Superfoliant every second morning and I'm addicted.

Different to Dermalogica's well known Daily Microfoliant, the Superfoliant just launched in January and it is a must buy if you're in the market for a new exfoliator. This new offering from Dermalogica is a more active resurfacing exfoliator. It's aim is to deep cleanse pores, removing harmful trapped pollutants. Pollution, as we know from every skincare preacher ever, can cause skin to age at a much faster rate. Activated Binchotan Charcoal purifies the skin by aiding adsorbtion of environmental toxins from within the pores.  Niacinamide, Red Algae and Tara Fruit Extract are also present to help guard against the damaging effects of pollution.

The dry, superfine powder reacts on contact with water to release its magic. Powerful enzymes, skin-resurfacing alpha hydroxy acids and anti-pollution technology all help to smooth your skin and ward off accelerated skin aging. I use it on freshly cleansed skin by carefully tipping a small amount of the charcoal coloured powder into wet hands, rubbing them together then mixes the powder into a slightly foamy paste. I then massage this in circular motions to my face, avoiding the eye area, for approximately a minute. To finish up - rinse with warm water and pat dry.

The results for me were instant and excellent. My skin was immediately so, so much smoother after the first use and continues to improve in quality the longer I use the product. The appearance of black heads and clogged looking pores has really reduced - the improvement is particularly visible around my nose where I normally have issues. I find that so long as I am stringent with using plenty of hydrating serums and moisturisers, the exfoliator does not cause my skin to dry out and hasn't lead to an eczema breakout thus far. Although I did find that I had a breakout of spots around my chin and forehead when I tried to use it daily (a common side effect of over exfoliating). I'm not sure whether I was just being too vigorous with my massaging or whether my skin is too sensitive for daily exfoliants. However, reducing usage to every second day has cleared this problem up nicely.

I'll definitely be repurchasing when this runs out (if it ever does - it is lasting for ages!). I'm especially concerned about the effect of pollutants on my skin given that I live in a busy city centre so for me Daily Superfoliant is an absolute win.

Click here for more info about this anti-pollutant Daily Superfoliant.

I have heard some people say that Dermalogica products are too clinical or sterile for them and while I don't find that to be an issue I do see where people are coming from. A lot of their products aren't made with a sensual, spa like experience in mind. Although I always feel they are doing exactly what they say they will and that research time has gone into actually making a product that works rather than finding the perfect fragrance blend. It really comes down to personal preference, if you love the whole package when it comes to your skincare experience then maybe the brand is not for you but if you aren't fussy and love products that do their job well then maybe give Dermalogica a bash.

Jess xx

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Please note: The PreCleanse Balm and Special Cleansing Gel in this post were gifted to me (complimentary) by Preen.Me for review purposes and similarly the Daily Superfoliant and Skin Smoothing Cream above were gifted to me by Influenster for review purposes. All opinions, however, are entirely my own and this post is not sponsored. I never recommend products that I do not truly love. Affiliate links have also been used throughout this post.


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