Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate - Vitamin-C Serum in your 20s?

The original formula is an age old favourite at Kiehls - with one being sold every minute around the world. Now, everybody's much loved Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate has undergone some impressive renovations and it's back, better than ever. If you're looking to inject some Vitamin-C in to your skincare regimen (who isn't?!) then this powerful little serum could be the one for you.

What's new? 

Kiehls have been painstakingly developing this revamp of their old trusty formula for us all for quite some time, trialling 89 variations before settling on the final winning product. Their aim? To make Powerful-Strength more powerful than ever.

To achieve this their clever chemists have;

  • Upped the potency of stabilised Vitamin-C from 10.5% to 12.5%, no mean feat. This amplifies the formulation's wrinkle reducing and radiance boosting properties. 
  • Added Hyaluronic Acid which draws in water like a sponge to the skin's surface layers. This nifty ingredient is known to plump the skin thanks to the fact that it expands as it sucks in moisture from the air. It's great for improving hydration levels too. 
  • Popped in a bit of Glycerin to draw even more moisture from the air. Plus it forms a protective layer which aids in prevention of moisture loss. 

It's designed to be a fast absorbing, non greasy formula and the new version even has a slight citrusy scent. Perfect for your morning skincare routine. 

Why Vitamin-C?

What's the big deal with Vitamin-C in skincare though? Do you really need a line-reducing ingredient in your skincare if you're only in your twenties? Yes. The benefits of adding this wonder vitamin to your face care (as well as your diet) can be felt by everyone. Do a bit of googling and you will find copious reasons why products containing Vitamin-C should definitely feature in your bathroom cabinet.

Vitamin-C helps to boost collagen production and skin plumpness, which results in the reduced appearance of fine lines and improved skin texture. It can also help stave off UV damage (wear it under your sunscreen for extra anti-oxidant protection). And it promotes skin healing which can help with acne and dark spots over time, giving you a brighter and more even toned complexion. Basically? It's not just a trend - it's a skincare hero. 

Hence the easy to use and multi-functional Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate is a great serum to start if you haven't jumped on the Vitamin-C bandwagon yet. Check out this fab article from The Anna Edit, in which she shares some tips from Kiehl's Consulting Dermatologist Alexis Granite, if you're keen to read more.

My first impressions

I've been using the serum for just over a week now and I can immediately see what all the hype is about. I don't tend to find that fine lines are a problem for me yet (I mean they are definitely there they just haven't become noticeable enough for me to start whinging about them yet) so I can't comment on the line reducing properties. I do have problems with dull, lacklustre skin though. You know when it just looks a bit unhealthy but you can't put your finger on the exact problem? 

From the first application I could feel a difference and within a week I was starting to see a difference. The difference I felt was in the softness of my skin. Right since my first application of the serum my skin honestly rivals a babies. It definitely feels plump and is looking glowier than it has in recent memory (winter has taken its toll that's for sure). 

I've also had a problem patch of acne just under the corner of my mouth (hormones I believe) for a while now that will not shift. I've tried everything and nothing was having a noticeable effect and because its been on going for a while now there's a constant mix of spots and scarring. However, in the last week since starting to use Powerful-Strength the problem patch has improved ten fold. The annoying headless spots (as I like to call them - you know the under the skin bumpy ones) have started to shrink back, some of them have disappeared to nothing already. And the scarring is becoming more invisible by the day. Hallelujah. I can't wait to see if it continues to be this effective for the next few weeks. 

I don't find it aggravates my skin sensitivities. Although, alarm bells did start ringing when I first tried it and felt a slight warmth when the serum first made contact with my skin. This lasted mere milliseconds though and wasn't stingy or uncomfortable. Thank goodness. As always though, just because it didn't irritate my skin - doesn't mean it won't irritate yours. Pop into a Kiehls store or counter to try before you buy. (I especially recommend nipping in to see the lovely folk at 111 Buchanan Street if you're Glasgow based!)

How do I use it?

Alongside the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate I've also added two other revamped Kiehl's products in to my current regime - Clearly Corrective Brightening & Exfoliating Daily Cleanser and Clearly Corrective Brightening & Soothing Treatment Water.  Let me know if you'd like a detailed review of these two. I've slotted the 3 products into my routine as follows;

6. An SPF if I'm leaving the house

1. Dermalogica Precleanse Balm
2. Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel*

Notice that I use the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate morning and night as it is safe to do so. It's best used after cleansing (I sneak in an extra step with the treatment water which is great but not necessary) and before moisturising. 

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The products above marked with a "*" were received complimentary for review purposes. This post is not sponsored. All opinions are entirely my own. Affiliate links have been used.


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  2. I honestly wish i could use kiehls again because they do have some awesome products but the fact they did a collection with Autism Speaks really put me off them

    Andrew James -


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