3 Easy Tips for Spring Cleaning your Wardrobe

Despite the fact that it's snowing outside as I type, officially, it is Spring. Inspired by Marie Curie's annual Frock Drop at Buchanan Galleries, which encourages us Glasgow dwellers to dig deep in our over flowing wardrobes and donate our unwanted clothes for a good cause, I've come up with a few top tips to help you out if you're thinking of having a bit of a declutter ahead of the (hopefully) warmer weather.

If you do manage to drag yourself out from under the mountain of blankets, which you've inevitably gravitated towards this April, and in to your wardrobe to follow these "Spring" cleaning tips then you'll likely find yourself drowning in unwanted garments that you just don't wear anymore. Whilst it can be painful to part with that risqué TopShop dress you dropped a small fortune on but never found the perfect opportunity to wear; doing something good for an amazing cause really helps ease separation anxiety.

Buchanan Galleries have made it really easy to do exactly that. Pop in to their Frock Drop donation station, opposite John Lewis on the Ground Floor, and donate all the fruit of your decluttering labour. They don't just want your unwanted frocks, they'll accept any Women's, Men's and Children's clothes. All items collected will be redistributed and sold in local Marie Curie shops. Every pound raised helps to support people living with a terminal illness. They'll be accepting donations until the 15th of April so you've got plenty of time to get your Spring cleaning marigolds on.

Now, on with these tips;

Make sure you can see everything

Sometimes when it comes to my wardrobe, I can't see the wood for the trees. I forget gorgeous pieces I have because they are buried under mounds of unused gym gear in the airing cupboard, mixed in with Pyjamas in a drawer, stuffed in the back of the wardrobe behind once-worn wedding outfits or they've fallen to the bottom of the black hole that is my ironing basket. It can be impossible to keep track of your clothes when there are too many of them and they are scattered all over the house so, as much as I hate to go all Marie Kondo on you all, the first step has to be to pull every item of clothing you own out of wherever it might currently reside and bundle it all up in one place. Spend some time checking every corner in your house where a rogue cami might be hiding to make sure you don't miss a scrap.

This is the only way to truly get a sense of what you're dealing with. Plus if you dump it all in the living room like I do it is impossible to ignore. Trust me, if you can't get access to your usual TV watching spot because of piles of clothes on the couch - it is amazing how much of a decluttering champion you become. 

Begin the task of sorting through what is assumably a couch sized mountain of clothes and be strict with yourself. Stuff only earns a place back in the wardrobe or drawer if it fits and you plan on wearing it in the next 3 months. If not turf it in the recycle pile or the donate pile, depending if its in decent condition.

Question Yourself and be Brutally Honest

I'm all for being kind to oneself, self love and self care but during a good wardrobe clean out there's no space for floweriness (unless its the in print right now). Toughen up and be be honest with yourself throughout the process. 

Haven't worn it in a year? It's out. No matter how much money it cost you. 

Favourite dress for going out out when you were 18 but now you look like too much sausage squeezed in to not enough casing? It's out. Don't feel bad, your body is bound to change as time goes by. Don't fill up your wardrobe with things that fitted you once and might fit you again one day. Keep the space for things that fit you now

If you struggle with making these decisions I find the best way is to physically write out a set of questions to ask yourself when you get stuck on an item you feel a bit sentimental about. Decide what's important to you in your wardrobe and tailor the questions to this. For example - I am aiming to have a more minimal wardrobe, rather than a wardrobe which is fashionable, and have quite a strict colour palette so I like basic pieces that can be mixed and matched in different ways. So my questions might be; 

  • Does it fit well? 
  • Do I feel good when I wear it? 
  • Is it in good condition? (If not - can it be repaired?) 
  • Does it fit my colour scheme? 
  • Does it go with lots of things?

However, you might be aiming for a more trend based wardrobe so you could interchange some of these questions with things like "Has this trend come to an end?". Tailor the questions to suit your own wardrobe goals and make them as extensive as you like. The point is that whatever your questions are you must answer them honestly. If the item under the spotlight doesn't tick all the boxes then it has to go. 

Treat Yourself 

Unfortunately, no matter how many easy tips you follow, a big wardrobe declutter still requires a good few hours hard work and it can be hard to get going. For me, nothing motivates an old clothes clear out sesh quite like the promise of new clothes. So right at the beginning I work out exactly what my reward is going to be for making some space in my wardrobe.

Sometimes I'll do it by the bag - so for example if I manage to get rid of 5 (small) bags of clothes I'll reward myself with 5 new items of clothing for the new season. Or I'll do for every, say, 15 items I get rid of I get to buy 1 new item. Obviously you don't want to do it on a one-for-one item basis if not you're going to be back where you started; with an overflowing wardrobe.

You'd be amazed how much more brutal you can be when it comes to the tough decisions when there's a carrot on a string to strive for. Plus if you're Glasgow based and planning to donate to Frock Drop then you can do your donating and treating in one swoop in Buchanan Galleries fabulous selection of shops (including my new love - Monki).

I hope these quick tips help make your Spring cleaning a teeny bit easier and don't forget to get yourself down to Buchanan Galleries before Sunday the 15th of April to donate all your unwanted bits and bobs to Marie Curie's #FrockDrop to help raise money for a great cause and make yourself feel even better after your clear out.

Jess x

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 All of the items marked * are available in Buchanan Galleries so if you fancy any of them you could pick them up while you're dropping off your #FrockDrop donations! 

All items marked * above have been gifted to me. This post is not sponsored and all opinions are entirely my own. Some affiliate links have been used.



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