Six by Nico Edinburgh "The Chippie"

After it's tremendous success in Glasgow experimental restaurant Six by Nico opened a second set of doors last month in Edinburgh. In a nod to their Glaswegian sibling Six by Nico Edinburgh have launched with the original "Chippie" themed menu served when the Finnieston restaurant first opened. Glasgow's offering is one of the hottest tickets in town with keen diners booking tables months in advance and the Edinburgh version is bound for similar success but is Chef Nico Simeone's gastronomical adventure worth all the hype?

In short;

If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie and love your dining experience to be served with a touch of excitement then, yes, Six by Nico will be worth the hype for you.

If you err on the side of fussy or picky as a diner this, unfortunately, isn't the dining experience for you.

I say dining experience not because I'm a w**ker but because that is the most apt way to describe a meal at Six by Nico. Eating here is not your bog standard three course a la carte with a bottle of wine kind of situation. That's so 2016. The creators have thrown out the restaurant rule book and come up with their own concept. Theme inspired, six course, set tasting menus which change every six weeks (I assume the penny just dropped for you regarding the name of the restaurant?). 

By set menu they really mean set menu. The six course tasting menu isn't multiple choice. You just have to put your trust in Chef Nico and eat what you get. Unless you have specific dietary requirements of course in which case the restaurant will accommodate as best they can. Hence why you should maybe steer clear if you're a fussy eater. 

You may find the idea of themed dining concerning, especially when you hear that previous themes at the Glasgow restaurant have included The Magic of Disney, illusion and forest plus the upcoming six week concept at both the Edinburgh and Glasgow locations is Cooking Wonka. Don't fret, you aren't in for a tacky evening. Quite the opposite. No dress up or dinner theatre here. In this case it just means that the creation of the fine dining menu has been loosely inspired by the current theme. Infused with a perfectly subtle pinch of gimmick. 

The Chippie

Despite my initial disappointment that a chip shop inspired meal did not mean I was going to be having a macaroni pie supper for lunch I was impressed, none the less, by The Chippie tasting menu at Six by Nico Edinburgh earlier this month. 

Now, I'm no food critic and I don't pretend to be (if you're a true food snob then I recommend checking out what the queen of restaurant critiquing, Joanna Blythman, had to say about the 6 by Nico experience). What I, a layman in the food industry, can tell you is that this food was tasty. The kind of tasty where you aren't 100% sure exactly what you're eating, because half of the ingredients listed on the menu were baffling to you, but you know it tastes good. 

Waiter: "Do you have any questions about the menu?"
Me: "Boy, do I. But I don't think you'd have time to answer them all. I'll just aggressively Google it later."

You can have a wee squint at my snaps of all six courses below if you keep scrolling but some highlights for me included;

Chips and Cheese: far removed from the stodgy post-clubbing snack favoured by many a Scot (me included) these finely grated and crisped potatoes topped with punchy parmesan espuma* made for a light and delicious starter. Kind of like a very light cheese soup with potato to add texture. 

*Espuma is foam fyi and you'd be right in thinking this was one of the menu elements I had to Google under the table. So refined.

Smoked Sausage: Served dramatically in it's own smoke filled chamber this course featured Ayrshire pork deep fried in what I believe was some sort of filo pastry concoction served with salt baked celeriac and caramelised apple. A deliciously posh take on what is usually my favourite chip shop order. 

Check out the full menu here. The Chippie is being served until the 13th of May so get yourself down to Hanover Street ASAP if you fancy trying it. It'll set you back £28 per person for the full tasting menu and if you'd like to include the wine pairings that's an extra £25. 

Rumour has it that it's slightly (very slightly) easier to get a table at the Edinburgh restaurant than the Glasgow one at the moment. I'm sure the people of the capital will catch on soon though so if you've been dying to try Six by Nico now is the time to act fast. Click here if you'd like to book.

Chips and cheese

Steak Pie


Fish Supper

Smoked Sausage

Deep Fried Mars Bar

The dining experience at Six by Nico is definitely a fun one and the restaurant itself is gorgeous. The fine dining with a twist is an affordable treat for your inner foodie. Despite the high quality and Google-inducing menu the restaurant still has a casual non-pretentious feel; food snobbery is not a prerequisite to dine here. 

I did think the lunchtime atmosphere was a little lacking though. I know you can't expect much on a weekday lunchtime but I don't love having to have whispered conversations for fear of the entire restaurant overhearing if I speak at normal volume. Other than that I absolutely can't fault it. 

I love the idea that you could eat here over and over but never have the same experience twice (assuming of course that you don't go twice in the same 6 week block). Although I'm not sure if the novelty factor might eventually wear off. Regardless, it's a truly innovative and exciting restaurant that you must try at least once. 

I suspect Glasgow and Edinburgh may only be the start of Six by Nico's story.

Jess x


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