Simplest Whisky Sour Cocktail with Tullibardine Sovereign

Saturday night is cocktail night and I've been mixing up my favourite simple version of the classic whisky sour. Easier than you might expect and you probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard.

Whisky, once a drink your grandad would sip as a night cap has been through quite a transformation in recent years. It’s no longer a drink belonging to the older, male generation and (despite the opinion of the stuffy purists) the rules surrounding single malt drinking are being thrown out the window and modernised. The days in which you would be scorned for daring to add an ice cube to a dram or having the audacity to use a sanctuous single malt in a cocktail have finally ended. Well, almost. 

In 2018, anything goes. Now you can drink whisky any way you want without too many beverage snobs turning their nose up at you. If you're keen to get in to the world of whisky but aren't entirely sure that you actually like how it tastes then a cocktail is a great place to start. 

Previously only the cheapest whiskies would've been used in cocktails but it's basic logic that better whisky means better cocktails. So I've been committing whisky sins by using the good single malts from Tullibardine's core range to do some experimenting. And the results have been delicious. 

These are not extensively aged whiskies but Tullibardine's core range offer a great range of flavours to work with to create some stunning cocktails. The distillery recommends some exotic cocktails that sound mouth watering but what if you have a bottle of Tullibardine and want some easy cocktails to make at home? Well I have you covered and I'm going to share with you 3 easy cocktails over the next few weeks using a different core range whisky from the Tullibardine Distillery each time. 

First up, one of my all time favourites the whisky sour.


50 ml Tullibardine Sovereign  
50 ml Lemon Juice
25 - 50 ml Sugar Syrup (depending on taste)
1 Egg 
Handful of ice 

Garnish with

Traditionally a cherry but I tend to just go with whatever you have in the fridge that looks cute. Or forgo  garnishing all together to make it extra simple.


Serve in a

Short glass (Mine are fromTesco) 


1. If you're using egg whites then the first step is to separate the egg white from the egg yolk. The secret to getting a smooth frothy top on your whisky sour is to shake up your egg white first. I do this by removing the spring section of my cocktail strainer (very easy to do, they pop out easily and can be reattached quickly after this step) and place this into the shaker with the egg white. Seal the shaker and go to town. The addiction of the spring creates a whisking effect and you'll have white, frothy egg white in no time.

The egg whites from 1 egg are plenty for 2 whisky sours so if you are only making one pour half of the frothed egg whites into a glass for your next one. Because obvz you're going to want another.

2. Add the whisky, lemon juice and sugar syrup to the shaker with the frothed egg whites plus a handful of ice.

3. Shake to mix for 30 seconds

4. Using your (re-assembled) whisky strainer pour over ice into a short glass and garnish if you're feeling a bit bouji.

If you're feeling really, really bouji and like you want to make a drink to impress; Tullibardine, in partnership with The Devil's Advocate in Edinburgh, suggest the following ingredients for their core range cocktail The Sovereign Sour. Personally I like to keep it simple when I'm at home and leave the posh cocktails like this to the experts when I'm out but you might be a bit more extra than me.

Sovereign Sour

40 ml Tullibardine Sovereign 
15 ml Spice Pear Cordial 
25 ml Lemon 
2D Celery Bitters 
20 ml Egg White 

Sounds delish right? Not sure where one would get hold of some celery bitters though. Holler at me if you know. 


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