Who even is she?

Hello world. I'm Jess a Scottish blogger from the Highlands of Scotland but currently based in Glasgow(Yes I do regularly play the bagpipes whilst wearing a kilt and eating freshly caught haggis. What of it?). I have a penchant for spa days and cappuccinos are my ultimate vice.

 Every so often I find myself in wonderfully chic situations.Sipping champagne in the first class section on a plane to New York. Floating down a bustling city street in fabulous black boots that cost my entire bank balance; feeling flawless. Chilling alone on a park bench, book in one hand, coffee cup in the other (how very intellectual of me).

More often than not, however, I ruin these oh-so-chic moments by doing something monumentally anti-chic. Discovering right at the end of said 7 hour flight, full of fancy first class people, that I have un-subtly filled in just one eyebrow in my manic rush to get ready for the airport. Tripping, falling and scuffing my extortionate new boots in the middle of the embarrassingly busy street; no longer feeling so flawless. Standing up from that park bench only to realise that it was wet when I sat down resulting in an outrageously obvious wet patch on my bottom and a very shame faced walk home.

So you get the idea right? I'm a great chic pretender. Always on the verge of the chic life I desire but never quite managing to tip over the edge into true chic-ville. Forever, almost chic.

If you have somehow found your way to my corner of the internet, then you can expect to find a mish mash of the following posts
  • Lifestyle:accounts of my day to day (almost) chic happenings
  • Beauty: reviews of products that promise to chic-ify me in some way
  • Fashion: attempts at copying truly chic fashionistas that I found on Pinterest
  • Travel: accounts of my day to day (almost) chic happenings...when I'm in places other than Glasgow

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them. Please drop me a comment if you have any questions or feedback or if you just fancy chatting. Just please be nice and pretend to laugh when I try to be funny!? Kay Thanks! Lots of love


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  1. What an amazing About Page. Your character bubbles through, can't wait to keep up with your blog!



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